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Author Topic: IllegalSequence  (Read 3118 times)
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« on: March 11, 2009, 01:19:28 AM »

Trying to troubleshoot the sync bombing out. Somewhere in backing up my iTunes folder, it's aborting with the following dump:

S3 item iTunes/iTunes Library Extras.itdb
s3 node object init. Name:iTunes Library Extras.itdb Path:iTunes/iTunes Library Extras.itdb Size:397312 Tag:0e9fee1fa2ada6436ee7b6ecd048db35
source: iTunes Library Extras.itdb
dest: iTunes Library Extras.itdb
Node iTunes Library Extras.itdb unchanged
local item /Users/Kris/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb
local node object init. Name:iTunes Library Genius.itdb Path:/Users/Kris/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb Size:35831808 Tag:cb5a9dd2a98dc5f4d31cc539b24203c0
S3 item iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb
s3 node object init. Name:iTunes Library Genius.itdb Path:iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb Size:35831808 Tag:cb5a9dd2a98dc5f4d31cc539b24203c0
source: iTunes Library Genius.itdb
dest: iTunes Library Genius.itdb
Node iTunes Library Genius.itdb unchanged
local item /Users/Kris/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music
local node object init. Name:iTunes Music Path:/Users/Kris/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Size:38 Tag:d66759af42f282e1ba19144df2d405d0
prefix found: /iTunes Music/
s3TreeRecurse ktwbc iTunes /iTunes Music/
Trying command list_bucket ktwbc max-keys 200 prefix iTunes/iTunes Music/ delimiter / with 100 retries left
Response code: 200
/Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:302:in `iconv': "\314\210rk/" (Iconv::IllegalSequence)
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:302:in `s3TreeRecurse'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:297:in `collect'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:297:in `s3TreeRecurse'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:332:in `s3TreeRecurse'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:313:in `each'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:313:in `s3TreeRecurse'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:332:in `s3TreeRecurse'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:313:in `each'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:313:in `s3TreeRecurse'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:345:in `main'
   from ./thread_generator.rb:79:in `call'
   from ./thread_generator.rb:79:in `initialize'
   from ./thread_generator.rb:76:in `new'
   from ./thread_generator.rb:76:in `initialize'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:266:in `new'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:266:in `main'
   from /Library/s3backup/s3sync.rb:724
Kris-iMac:s3backup Kris$

Not sure where to look as this is already the debug output... it looks like it's having a problem on the root iTunes folder? But it's already synced folders underneath... Can I assume that IllegalSequence is relating to a filename, probably a song file??
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« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2009, 08:49:02 PM »

iconv is the thing which converts between character encodings.  It is telling you that it found a character sequence that shouldn't exist.  Either your choice for system encoding is set wrong, or there's some really bogus filename it's hiccuping on.
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« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2009, 02:51:27 AM »

> Can I assume that IllegalSequence is relating to a filename, probably a song file??
Yes. Most definately. It looks as if you are trying to sync something like "Björk"... :-)

Have you set
somewhere in your script (or yml or wherever)?

On which platform are you working on? Are you feeding s3sync the files it should sync by some other program?
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