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This is a community site for developers and users of the free and open source s3sync.rb and s3cmd.rb tools, which are interfaces to the Amazon S3 system.



Marc Spitzer has taken up the responsibility to code and update s3sync. Here is a link to the current repository:




I have started using Tarsnap for my backups. It's a tool that can do much better than my best vision for s3sync ever was. The only thing it "lacks" by comparison is the ability to easily map a local tree to S3 paths for easy web serving from S3. But since personally I don't use that feature of s3sync anyway, the motivation for me to rewrite the tools has pretty much evaporated.

Due to spam, I turned off registration in the forum, too. If you need to contact me about s3sync, you can find my info in the README file below.



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