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Title: support for nodes with trailing /
Post by: qweasd on June 25, 2008, 10:37:03 AM
Hi - I've noticed that S3 clients with GUIs (such as S3Backup or Bucket Explorer) create as folders in S3, nodes with 0 bytes that contain a trailing /. Currently, s3sync seems to choke when encountering a node ending with / which means it's impossible to mix usage.
In my case I am doing regular backups but the rest of the family/friends are using s3backup/bexplorer to add content and we keep running into problems.
I'd like to make two requests to improve the current situation:
- support nodes with trailing / (if my observations are correct, simply remove the extra / on download)
- when uploading folders, create a node with 0 bytes and with a trailing/ - currently my folders have 38 bytes or so (I'm on windows) and none of the other clients recognize it.
The new functionality could be enabled through a dedicated switch (i.e. --empty-folders?) to avoid breakage.

What do you think?