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1  General Category / Report Bugs / Re: Dots in folder names... Bug? on: April 30, 2010, 11:21:58 AM
Oh, for sure. I completely understand.

I have no complaints at all. I may still be doing something wrong and/or I could just not sync the folders with dots in their names... Anyway/after all, the code is 100% free!

Thanks so much for you help!

Have a great day. Smiley

2  General Category / Report Bugs / Re: Dots in folder names... Bug? on: April 29, 2010, 03:07:48 PM
Hi Ferrix! Thanks so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it. Smiley

I added slashes to the ends of my nodes (see below), but this time it deleted the v5.5 node! I dunno, maybe I am doing it wrong. Sad


/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete -d -v /sync/this/folder/v5/ my-bucket:v5/
#/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete -d -v /sync/this/folder/v5.5/ my-bucket:v5.5/

I wonder if we are running an older version of the s3Sync code?

I will send you new log files. Smiley

Thanks again!!!!

3  General Category / Report Bugs / Re: Dots in folder names... Bug? on: April 28, 2010, 01:50:57 PM

I duplicated the v3 and v3.5 folders/nodes (with all the same contents) on my local server, and then I used s3Sync to upload them to my S3 bucket:

/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete -d -v /sync/this/folder/v5/ my-bucket:v5
/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete -d -v /sync/this/folder/v5.5/ my-bucket:v5.5

This successfully uploaded the content to my-bucket on S3.

I then commented-out the second line, and ran the script again:

/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete -d -v /sync/this/folder/v5/ my-bucket:v5
#/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete -d -v /sync/this/folder/v5.5/ my-bucket:v5.5

The contents of my v5.5 folder/node were deleted, and the v5 folder/node was successfully updated.

I will PM you the log.

Thanks so much for you help! I really appreciate it. Smiley

4  General Category / Report Bugs / Re: Dots in folder names... Bug? on: April 28, 2010, 12:26:57 PM
Thanks! I will try to get that tested by EOD. I will setup a sandbox. Smiley

5  General Category / Report Bugs / Dots in folder names... Bug? on: April 27, 2010, 02:59:22 PM
Just curious... Has anyone else experienced any problems with dots in folder names?

I have two folders:

/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete --verbose /sync/this/folder/v3/ my-bucket:v3
#/path/to/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete --verbose /sync/this/folder/v3.5/ my-bucket:v3.5

In the above code, I ran s3sync, and (from what I can tell) the "v3" content deleted the content from my "v3.5" bucket!

Any tips? Should I be quoting my paths?

6  General Category / Questions / Re: Sync folders? on: April 07, 2010, 06:38:30 PM

I did not not get an e-mail that you replied to my message... Sorry for my late reply. Sad

Anyway, thanks so much for your reply!

You are right. These folders were probably created by Transmit FTP app on the Mac.

Thanks so much for the clarification! This tool has been a huge time saver. Smiley

Have an excellent day!
7  General Category / Questions / Sync folders? on: March 26, 2010, 04:48:22 PM

I love this utility.

Just curious, how would I sync sub-folders?

/usr/local/bin/ruby /path/to/s3cmd/s3sync.rb -r -p --delete --verbose /path/to/folder/ bucket:folder

If I add/remove sub-folders, I do not see the sync mirroring that sub-folder creation/deletion.

Is this possible? Smiley

Thanks a billion in advance!

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