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1  General Category / Questions / Re: --exclude and regular expressions. on: October 30, 2007, 03:04:35 AM
Thank you both for your articulate  Grin replies.

.CR2 now appears to work, although I could have sworn that it didn't the other day (another case of self healing software!  Smiley )

Thanks for the links Ferrix, I will be making my exclude command more comprehensive so this will be very helpful in setting up more complex regex's


PS, the angled brackets came from some web site that I was using as a guide to regex's - I'd never encountered them before.
2  General Category / Questions / Re: --exclude and regular expressions. on: October 29, 2007, 09:49:48 AM
Yep, hi, I guess this was a natural progression from the synology forum!

I think that I tried that without success (can't test now, as at work at present).  Is this something that you have working?

3  General Category / Questions / Re: Remove node happens twice on: October 29, 2007, 09:48:14 AM
Hi Maelcum,

From an outsiders (and native Englishman's) point of view, I read "unarticulate" as being rather offensive.  I appreciate that your mother tongues isn't English and given that my girlfriend is French can appreciate that this type of thing occasionally happen - I'm sure it wasn't meant.

Regardless to what any dictionary says, saying that someone's "unarticulate", pretty much implies that they are dumb or stupid rather than being uncommunactive (not something that would be appropriate for some who's invented such a cool program!).  I would read terse as being someone who gives very short to the point answers, almost rude, normally indicating that they want to get away from you (e.g. a girl may act tersely when she doesn't want to be chatted up), again I wouldn't say that this is appropriate - to me it sounds like an honest mistake from someone who's good enough to donate his code (not making money) and to provide support via this forum.


PS - I hope that you take this from some who's trying to reciprocate all the help that you've given me setting up s3sync by assisting with your English rather than someone who's trying to "tell you off".

PPS - Ferrix, if you - or someone else - could give a definative answer to resolve my question regarding --exclude (see earlier topic), I'd be grateful!!!
4  General Category / Questions / --exclude and regular expressions. on: October 27, 2007, 03:49:53 AM

I am trying to get my head around how regular expressions work, perhaps I'm being a bit stupid, but I haven't got my head around them properly yet.  Can someone give me a hand in setting this up?  I think I have a common situation, where I want to exclude the following:

all contents in directories that end in __XB
all directories and their contents called @eaDir (ok, just the contents is fine)
all files with the extension .CR2
all files called thumbs.db

so, with the help of the previous topic regarding multiple excludes, I end up with:

--delete --exclude "(?:__XB/|@eaDir/|*.CR2|thumbs.db)"

but I get an error message (due to the *),so I then read up a bit more on regex's and tried this:


however, this still backups my CR2 files, can someone advise me where I'm going wrong?

Thanks in advance,

PS, I have the --delete so that if I rename a directory with __XB then it will be excluded from the backup and removed from s3
5  General Category / Questions / Re: `iconv': invalid encoding on: October 24, 2007, 01:29:48 PM

fixed it.
6  General Category / Questions / `iconv': invalid encoding on: October 23, 2007, 04:35:51 PM
Hi, I'm new to s3sync and I'm trying to get it running on my synology diskstation NAS device.  However, when I run s3cmd (or s3sync) I get the following results (I've already added my "brainbackup" bucket with s3cmd).

I suspect that the solution may lay with S3SYNC_NATIVE_CHARSET, but I don't what this needs to be set to (However, I read the message that it's trying to use UTF-8... so that should be valid??).

Any help gratefully received!

Brain> ruby s3cmd.rb listbuckets
Brain> ruby s3cmd.rb list brainbackup
./S3encoder.rb:42:in `iconv': invalid encoding ("UTF-8", "ISO-8859-1") (Iconv::I
        from ./S3encoder.rb:42:in `escape'
        from ./S3.rb:138:in `list_bucket'
        from s3cmd.rb:20:in `map'
        from ./S3.rb:138:in `each'
        from ./S3.rb:138:in `map'
        from ./S3.rb:138:in `list_bucket'
        from ./s3try.rb:57:in `send'
        from ./s3try.rb:57:in `S3try'
        from s3cmd.rb:190:in `s3cmdList'
        from s3cmd.rb:115:in `s3cmdMain'
        from s3cmd.rb:211

Further info on Ruby version etc,

Brain> ipkg status
Package: make
Version: 3.81-1
Status: install user installed
Architecture: powerpc
Installed-Time: 1193168956

Package: openssl
Version: 0.9.7m-3
Status: install user installed
Architecture: powerpc

Package: ruby
Status: install user installed
Architecture: powerpc

Package: rubygems
Version: 0.9.2-1
Depends: ruby (>= 1.8.4-2)
Status: install user installed
Architecture: powerpc

Package: wget-ssl
Version: 1.10.2-4
Depends: openssl
Conflicts: wget
Status: install user installed
Architecture: powerpc

Package: zlib
Version: 1.2.3-2
Status: install user installed
Architecture: powerpc

Successfully terminated.
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