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1  General Category / Questions / syncing an entire bucket on: April 30, 2009, 09:48:16 AM

I've got an issue when trying to sync an entire bucket to local disk.
s3sync keeps giving me an error saying it can't unlink my local directory.

/usr/lib/s3sync/s3sync.rb --make-dirs -r --debug --delete bucketname:/ /localdir
s3Prefix /
localPrefix /localdir
s3TreeRecurse bucketname /
Creating new connection
Trying command list_bucket bucketname max-keys 200 prefix / delimiter / with 100 retries left
Response code: 200
S3 item /
s3 node object init. Name: Path: Size:112 Tag:1af66b4dc870ec164e587033b0b3722d Date:Thu Jun 05 18:08:44 UTC 2008
local node object init. Name: Path:/localdir/ Size:38 Tag:d66759af42f282e1ba19144df2d405d0 Date:Tue Apr 28 11:37:51 UTC 2009
Update node
Trying command get_stream bucketname   #<File:0xb78597d0> with 100 retries left
Response code: 200
/usr/lib/s3sync/s3sync.rb:645:in `unlink': Is a directory - /localdir/ (Errno::EISDIR)
        from /usr/lib/s3sync/s3sync.rb:645:in `updateFrom'
        from /usr/lib/s3sync/s3sync.rb:393:in `main'
        from /usr/lib/s3sync/s3sync.rb:735

Basically I've got a number of files at the root of my bucket and want to copy them to my local disk so therefor I don't want to use a prefix.

Any ideas?

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