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Title: s3sync vs. S3 console
Post by: lejarrag on May 08, 2011, 10:21:22 AM
I've been trying to see if the formats that S3 console and s3sync use are the same--or highly compatible.  I created a "prefix"  and a "directory" under that prefix in S3 by means of S3 console, and I populated them with a few files.  Now I am trying to download the contents under this prefix with the command

> ruby s3sync.rb -r lejar-test:pre/ /temp

where "lejar-test" is the name of my bucket, "pre" the prefix, and /temp a directory in my hard disk,  and I get the error message:

S3 command failed.
get_stream pre #<File:0x2de1888>
With result 404 Not Found
s3sync.rb:645:in `unlink': Permission denied - C:/temp/ (Errrno::EACCES)
        from s3sync.rb:645:in `updateFrom'
        from s3sync.rb:393:in `main'
        from s3sync.rb:735

Of course, I have no problem downloading stuff that I uploaded with s3sync itself in this way. 

I am sorry to hear that s3sync is not under development anymore.  I'll check tarsnap.