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Title: Inactivity timeout
Post by: denix on December 20, 2007, 05:42:53 AM
We live out in the sticks, and our DSL connection is slow and flaky, and occasionally drops and has to resync.

If we are running a long transfer in s3sync, it hangs and never resumes. However, s3sync stays running, idle.

I have a nightly cron job that checks if s3sync is running, and if it isn't, starts it to do a backup. This works fine unless s3sync is hung, in which case nothing ever happens until I manually kill it.

I realise a workaround would be to have the cron job kill s3sync and run it again, but I'm sometimes dealing with large (>1Gb) files and would prefer not to have it start them over. However, sometimes the transfer of all changed-stuff takes over a day, which is why I'm having to do the check for a running s3sync in the first place.

It would be nice if s3sync would just die if it hadn't transferred anything for a minute or two. That way I wouldn't have to sort it out by hand every time it hangs.

Title: Re: Inactivity timeout
Post by: ferrix on December 21, 2007, 01:57:09 PM
You could write a patch in a progress-stream-like fashion that runs an idle timer and aborts.  Someone else had a similar request, but I don't necessarily see doing that myself.