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1  General Category / Questions / 301 error on: July 15, 2008, 06:37:30 PM
I've read through this post, but I'm still having problems with this one.

root@web2 [/home/bucket]# AWS_CALLING_FORMAT=SUBDOMAIN ./s3cmd.rb -v put [BUCKET]:[FILENAME] [LOCAL_FILENAME]
put to key [BUCKET]:[FILENAME] from [LOCAL_FILENAME] {"Content-Length"=>"26697854"}
S3 command failed:
put [BUCKET] [FILENAME] #<S3::S3Object:0xb7dc3f7c> Content-Length 26697854
With result 301 Moved Permanently

When I try with s3sync, I get the "With result 301 Moved Permanently" error. 

Anyone have suggestions?
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