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1  General Category / Questions / [help] S3 command failed: get_stream folder #<File:0xb72f7a44> With result 404 on: February 22, 2010, 07:59:38 PM
Hey, I'm just trying to get s3sync working and am getting this error. I googled around a bit and couldn't find anyone with anything similar. What's going on here?

The command below is attempting to mirror the "podcast-sync-test" bucket on s3 to local dir ~/s3synctest.
My S3 setup has a bucket called podcast-sync-test , one folder entitled 'folder' and one file in it, the CompactCalendar PDF below.

I've tried mesing with different arguments (recursion, make-dirs, ssl) and they all return the same error. This is consistent whether or not there is anything in the local ~/s3sync directory.

Please help! I'd love to use s3sync!

~/s3sync# ./s3sync.rb -sr --make-dirs podcast-sync-test: ~/s3synctest/
S3 command failed:
get_stream folder  #<File:0xb72f7a44>
With result 404 Not Found
Could not mkdir /root/s3synctest/folder/: File exists - /root/s3synctest/folder
./s3sync.rb:638:in `initialize': Not a directory - /root/s3synctest/folder/CompactCalendar2010ss.pdf.s3syncTemp (Errno::ENOTDIR)
        from ./s3sync.rb:638:in `open'
        from ./s3sync.rb:638:in `updateFrom'
        from ./s3sync.rb:376:in `main'
        from ./s3sync.rb:735

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