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Title: s3sync / s3put directories and files on modify or create with inotify
Post by: ankaerith on April 11, 2009, 03:18:58 PM
I wanted a way to replicate any file system changes to s3 immediately after those changes are made.  Inotify (incron) and s3sync along with a bash script appears to have done the trick. 

The script currently queues all pending uploads and sends them one at a time.  I had fooled around with allowing multiple uploads to go at once, but since I'd never make use of it and it added complexity, I scraped it.  If anyone is interested in a version that allows you to configure the max simultaneous uploads, let me know.

You can download and read about it here: Pseudo Synchronous Replication to Amazon S3 (http://ankaerith.livejournal.com/147007.html)

The script currently doesn't support the exclude option of s3sync.  At some point I'd like to add it though. 

Is this useful to anyone?