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Title: Thank you!
Post by: Cato on April 15, 2008, 01:03:31 PM
Thanks for writing a really, really useful tool!  It didn't take long to set up on Ubuntu Feisty and worked straight away.  Far simpler to get working than configuring JungleDisk, which unfortunately doesn't yet seem reliable for rsync of larger files (CD-ROM sized), and whose GUI still doesn't work for me...  Now I can write scripts that either rsync to a local server or s3sync to Amazon - very nice!

One thing that would be great is a simple way to configure the path for all the files in the s3sync directory that are 'require'd in the source code - I ended up hacking in an absolute path but I'm sure Ruby has a more elegant way.  I wanted to just do a symlink to ~/bin/s3cmd and s3sync, so I can just do 's3cmd list' etc.