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Author Topic: 1.1.0 is released  (Read 4722 times)
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« on: February 19, 2007, 08:16:06 AM »

Version 1.1.0
*WARNING* Lots of path-handling changes. *PLEASE* test safely before you just
swap this in for your working 1.0.x version.

- Adding --exclude (and there was much rejoicing).
- Found Yet Another Leading Slash Bug with respect to local nodes. It was always
"recursing" into the first folder even if there was no trailing slash and -r
wasn't specified. What it should have done in this case is simply create a node
for the directory itself, then stop (not check the dir's contents).
- Local node canonicalization was (potentially) stripping the trailing slash,
which we need in order to make some decisios in the local generator.
- Fixed problem where it would prepend a "/" to s3 key names even with blank
- Fixed S3->local when there's no "/" in the source so it doesn't try to create
a folder with the bucket name.
- Updated s3try and s3_s3sync_mod to allow SSL_CERT_FILE
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